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We're not your traditional wine tasting club! We meet online every week to taste an expertly selected wine together from the comfort of your own home – in our private, online Facebook group.

Enjoy wine with our online community

Wine is delivered to your door at the start of the month and each week we taste (drink!) one wine together. Videos on each wine and food pairing tips and ideas are presented online each week in our private group.

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4 fantastic wines

Get an exciting, curated monthly wine box containing 4 wines delivered to your doorstep.

Community and learning

All the Bottle Bazaar Wine Club info is delivered to you via our Facebook member's group page. This is the Wine Club hub, where you'll find the wine videos, wine pairing suggestions, pairing analysis, and tasting sheets.

Tasting cards

Tasting Cards will be in your wine box for every wine so you can learn and improve on your tasting skills and rate and review each bottle.

Whats inside a subscription box

Four tasty wines, a booklet introducing the bottles and four tasting assessment sheets, plus –

  • Weekly wine videos, viewable at any time.
  • Printable wine info sheets
  • Food pairing ideas
  • Real food pairings for each wine with pairing analysis
  • Community with other Wine Club members
  • Opportunity to ask the expert any questions

About India

I'm India Marshall-Roads⁠—wine pro, Bottle Bazaar founder, and Bottle Bazaar Wine Club host. With over fifteen years of experience, I founded Bottle Bazaar in 2013 after working as a professional wine supplier to everywhere from Michelin star restaurants to gastropubs, and hosting winemaker dinners for diverse clients in London.

The Wine Club is a place to share my expertise, create a community, and nurture people's excitement and understanding of wine. Tasting and learning about wine shouldn't be intimidating or exclusive: It should be relaxed, fun, and inclusive!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in my wine box?

Four wines, four tasting sheets, your intro sheet and advice on how to access the online content.

Are your wines suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Most of our wines are but we don't guarantee it. We choose our wines based on quality first.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to the mainland UK only.

When will my first box ship?

Boxes are delivered between the 26th and 6th of the month, usually on the last/ first Friday of the month.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Email us on

Can I choose a reds only or whites only box?

Not at the moment but we hope to be able to offer this in the future.

Am i tied into a contract?

No. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time before the 25th of the month.

"I love being part of the wine club. It's made the weekly wine tasting a real event in our household and increased our enjoyment of good wine."

- Collette

"I love Wine Club! I get so excited about my monthly wine delivery. Its great to be able to taste the wines at my own pace in the comfort of my own home. I love drinking wine mindfully and thinking about what I'm tasting and how the wine was made."

- Krystal

"I love what you're doing with the wine club, in fact I think I would have deleted my facebook account a long time ago but I love logging on to watch your wine reviews!"

- Hannah
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