I’m India Marshall-Roads⁠—wine pro, Bottle Bazaar founder, and Bottle Bazaar Wine Club host. With over fifteen years of experience, I founded Bottle Bazaar in 2013 after working as a professional wine supplier to everywhere from Michelin star restaurants to gastropubs, and hosting winemaker dinners for diverse clients in London.

The Wine Club is a place to share my expertise, create a community, and nurture people’s excitement and understanding of wine. Tasting and learning about wine shouldn’t be intimidating or exclusive: It should be relaxed, fun, and inclusive!

All the Bottle Bazaar Wine Club info is delivered to you via our Facebook member’s group page. This is the Wine Club hub, where wine pairing suggestions, pairing analysis, and tasting sheets are posted over the weekend, so you can prepare for Monday when we post our video tastings. 

 The program is designed to be flexible, so when you join us is up to you. You can join every Monday, keep the romance alive with a date night every Friday night, or even save up all four wines till the end of the month and try them in one night. 

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