Important Information on the Wine Decanting Process

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Having wine in a relaxed, comfortable manner is an unmatched, heavenly experience. On the other hand, however, if you consume your wine in haste, it can ruin the overall experience. To intensify the pleasure of wine tasting, it may be important to decant your wine before consuming.

More about decanting:

If you’ve bought a new bottle of wine recently, you should follow the decanting process. It is widely popular among connoisseurs of different types of wine. In this process, you have to pour the wine into a specially designed glass vessel. These can be found in different sizes to hold different volumes of wine.

By subscribing to a monthly wine club membership in the UK, you can obtain a better insight into the wine decanting process. In this blog, you will find more about the basics of this process.

Which wines should be decanted?

No matter the age or texture of your wine, you can consider putting it through the wine decanting process. Experts believe that decanting wine even for a few seconds can be highly beneficial for aeration. If you plan on consuming red wine with a strong texture, you should definitely decant it. Sparkling wines like Champagne generally do not need decanting.

Advantages of decanting your wine:

By decanting your favourite wine, you can acquire a lot of advantages. The important ones are discussed here:

       It separates sediment from the liquid: When you pour wine, you may observe sediments at the bottom. To get a smooth and consistent taste, you have to remove these sediments. You can commonly find such sediments at the bottom of a bottle of red or aged wine. The young white wines generally do not contain these.

       Removes disintegrated solid particles: Sometimes, you may break the bottle’s cork or the top nozzle by mistake. Do not delay pouring the wine into a decanter in situations like these. It will help you get rid of the unwanted solid broken pieces of cork or glass from the wine.

       Helps in aeration: Before consuming wine, it is important to make sure that it is kept in the open air for some time. Oxygen in the air helps to soften the tannins present in wine. As a result, the wine’s flavour and aroma get enhanced.

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